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Not for, nor against… quite the contrary!

This week, Dan C., a Manager in a Development Software Company, asked me ‘What kind of methodology do you apply?’ At times, I also have the usual ‘Do you follow the (name it) methodology?’ I am always very impressed by the number of methodologies that  exist and are followed, and that are even certified. And […]

5 things to do

Sometimes, I attend internal training; courses conducted within a company for their staff. And I do so, because HR Managers understand that bad training is a waste of time, energy and brings with it a lot of frustration. So here we are, once again…and I was wondering whether or not you’re a good trainer or […]

Let’s be serious for a minute!

I was having a discussion with Cecile, a friend of mine. At the beginning of her expatriation, she worked for a regional company which specialises in handling urgencies. People subscribe for health and security services, as they are travellers and expatriates. So imagine you are in the middle of nowhere, injured, you call for help. Hopefully […]

Fast, Cheap, Great & Free…

If only…

It is 20:00 and I am on late shift. In other words, I will turn off the light when leaving the office. So much for the work to be done with Europe desk. And tell me about it, it is always when I am by myself, no more support desk available, that something doesn’t work: there […]