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Do It Yourself

Something I always admire in a small company is the DIY way. Most of these businesses have this dynamic energy of WE CAN DO IT! And entrepreneurs, whatever their field of expertise is, will find a way to make it happen. But when you do it yourself, and you don’t have any clue about it… […]

No more books on the shelves?

Since 2009, a new trend has emerged: textbooks. Here is a very innovative way to present user guides and it is, actually, a growing mainstream format of displaying documentations. And sure enough, last week a potential client requested I do a proposition which included this tool. I’m quite new to this, but I found it very […]

Funny numbers

Last Sunday, I was talking with Gerald ( ) about most employers’ frustration over the high turnover of employees in Singapore. This was rather an unusual conversation between entrepreneurs but I later realized it was actually a rather common problem. We even googled up on some of the latest statistics and found that 4 […]

Small step, big change…

Last Thursday, I met Thomas B. a HR Director at a business event. During our talk, it was mentioned that he will be leaving his job in three weeks for a social-charity job in India. So I asked about the transfer of knowledge he will do for his successor.. ‘- You know what?, he said, we […]