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Same same… but different

I find that often clients are focused on ensuring a solution is specific to their particular field, with managers regularly asking: ‘What industry do you specialise in?’ I usually reply: ‘I have an IT & finance background’. I then also add ‘The industry doesn’t really matter at all though, as the methodology around transfer of […]

Blogs about Transfer of knowledge in 2012

I always look at the trends of my field market. And one of my beloved sources is HBR blog. I also regularly look at TED. What has really surprised me, is that blogs about ‘transfer of knowledge’ are outdated: the most recent one on HBR is from 2010 and there is none on TED. What should […]

It’s a kind of magic!

So this week, we met a potential client: a Major Bank IT Hub in Singapore. As we entered the meeting room, the Manager started to describe his situation: a complete solution has been installed to share the documents, and they have called in a consultant company to install and set up their Transfer of Knowledge plan. This […]

Let’s talk about it.

About two weeks ago, I gave a talk on the importance of having a ‘Transfer of Knowledge’ plan. The audience consisted of IT managers, IT entrepreneurs and Financial institutions. I was happy that so many people attended the talk, and that we also discussed about the subject over the lunch. The analysis I gave was […]