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Workflow & Process: Assuming basic knowledge

Lately we have been working with a new client in a completely new field for us: maritime engineering. The project scope is to create a mobile interactive tool that engineers can access via an iPad wherever they are working remotely on ships, or in the shipyards. The tool is a simple workflow that provides them with […]

The delicate dance of gathering information

Last week, as you may have noticed, I was on leave, but you’ll be happy to know I am back this week to talk about the delicate art of gathering useful information. One of the frustrations of my job is that when I am working with clients to provide them with better documentation, the clients themselves […]

Business networking: a matter of planting the seeds to let a tree grow

These days an essential part of business is to participate regularly in business networking sessions. With the left pocket of my jacket full of business cards, and a positive attitude, I enter sessions with the clear objective to plant some seeds. The seeds come in different forms, the obvious promotional ones -to tell people what my […]

Is lack of accuracy in your documentation damaging your brand?

We have recently come across a project where the review of internal documentation is getting pushed back time and again. This review is most likely to generate some corrections and updates that would impact their web site. The delay in the review is unfortunately a common occurrence and hence prompted this week’s blog topic: that […]