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Arielle Benadi is the Managing Director of Simple + Smart Company Pte Ltd. Her areas of expertise include the design, development and facilitation of training, user guides and manuals, help online, tests plans (SIT, UAT, any related to compliance requirements), and interactive training on iPad®.
Arielle is the leading consultant in the Asia-Pacific region in the field of Transfer of Knowledge.
From early in Arielle’s career she found herself involved in mapping procedures and then developing training to pass this information on to others. She specifically found an interest in in-house applications, as she often found that supporting documentation was lacking, and that organisations were exposed, due to the few resources who had intimate knowledge of these internal systems.
As a software trainer in the 90’s, Arielle worked with new PC users on how to efficiently work with Windows Office applications, and later gained certification in emerging technologies of the time, such as Lotus Notes Domino Development, network administration, database management etc.
Arielle’s perpetually curious nature saw her take on roles within the banking environment from a business analysis perspective that allowed her to develop and share contextual procedural documentation.
With her 15 years experience within both the banking and IT domains, Arielle found herself as a consultant for a global business and technology consultancy company, dedicated to the financial services industry.
After 3 years in Asia Arielle decided to launch Simple + Smart to address the clear need of the Asian market for Transfer of Knowledge expertise.
When she is not glued to a computer screen, learning new applications, or at a client’s site, Arielle is diving in the deep blue sea, or trying very hard not to be the worst golfer on the course.


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