Workflow & Process: Assuming basic knowledge

Lately we have been working with a new client in a completely new field for us: maritime engineering. The project scope is to create a mobile interactive tool that engineers can access via an iPad wherever they are working remotely on ships, or in the shipyards. The tool is a simple workflow that provides them with […]

Around the campfire

Reference Did our ancestors have it right? In ancient times, we all used to sit together around a campfire, and listen to our elders, triggering our imaginations to quite a magical effect. We would learn fundamental skills such as ways to be brave, to hunt, and to gather life saving herbs. Not only were we picking […]

Funny numbers

Last Sunday, I was talking with Gerald ( ) about most employers’ frustration over the high turnover of employees in Singapore. This was rather an unusual conversation between entrepreneurs but I later realized it was actually a rather common problem. We even googled up on some of the latest statistics and found that 4 […]