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How to simply improve your repeat business rate?

Software vendors usually provide solution to companies that are seeking the most appropriate systems for their staff and assets. One of the challenges, you as vendors, are facing is to find efficient technologies for your clients’ requirements. However, if your efforts are mainly focused on building a technical solution, without also providing simple and easy […]

Business networking: a matter of planting the seeds to let a tree grow

These days an essential part of business is to participate regularly in business networking sessions. With the left pocket of my jacket full of business cards, and a positive attitude, I enter sessions with the clear objective to plant some seeds. The seeds come in different forms, the obvious promotional ones -to tell people what my […]

Taming this wild animal

There is nothing more rewarding than when a client calls back for more. Not only does it show that he appreciated our services, but also that he absolutely understands the necessity to continuously update documentation. This particular client called me for the first time about three years ago to be part of the first phase […]

Troubles with training – part 3: Know Your Subject

[Spoon boy from ‘The Matrix Reloaded’] How would you build 4 triangles with 3 matches of the same length? Try… A few weeks ago, I started to list few basic elements that make training really good: 5 things to do The question is: at what level of knowledge do you consider yourself comfortable enough to […]