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Training Impact on support costs in software companies

In your company, nowadays the business requires update or create software(s). Moreover, the business expects the support (internal or external) to help them. And that is a cost that most companies usually do not take into account: it is part of their IT department or to the vendor’s package. Once the changes have been implemented, […]

Transfer of knowledge: the importance of clarity.

Any transfer of knowledge project within your company should really start with a clear and simple understanding of your goals and the scope of the project – after all if you don’t know where you are going, you have little chance to arrive. Without a clearly thought-out and articulated plan any project has much less chance […]

Running your own Business: finding a balance between commitment and casualness

About three years ago when I started my company – Simple + Smart, I immediately invested my time in business networking, took some necessary steps – such as spending a bomb on a designer for both the website and my business cards, and invested oodles of time and energy to ‘make it work’….and so far, […]

Is lack of accuracy in your documentation damaging your brand?

We have recently come across a project where the review of internal documentation is getting pushed back time and again. This review is most likely to generate some corrections and updates that would impact their web site. The delay in the review is unfortunately a common occurrence and hence prompted this week’s blog topic: that […]

Blogs about Transfer of knowledge in 2012

I always look at the trends of my field market. And one of my beloved sources is HBR blog. I also regularly look at TED. What has really surprised me, is that blogs about ‘transfer of knowledge’ are outdated: the most recent one on HBR is from 2010 and there is none on TED. What should […]

Taming this wild animal

There is nothing more rewarding than when a client calls back for more. Not only does it show that he appreciated our services, but also that he absolutely understands the necessity to continuously update documentation. This particular client called me for the first time about three years ago to be part of the first phase […]

The path to greatness is along with others.

This is not from me but from Baltasar Gracian. The monkey and the tiger When I created my company about two years ago, I was really lucky: I almost immediately had a client…. and I couldn’t stop working for about a year and a half. Projects were flowing in and I met a couple of other potential […]