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How to simply improve your repeat business rate?

Software vendors usually provide solution to companies that are seeking the most appropriate systems for their staff and assets. One of the challenges, you as vendors, are facing is to find efficient technologies for your clients’ requirements. However, if your efforts are mainly focused on building a technical solution, without also providing simple and easy […]

The delicate dance of gathering information

Last week, as you may have noticed, I was on leave, but you’ll be happy to know I am back this week to talk about the delicate art of gathering useful information. One of the frustrations of my job is that when I am working with clients to provide them with better documentation, the clients themselves […]

It’s a kind of magic!

So this week, we met a potential client: a Major Bank IT Hub in Singapore. As we entered the meeting room, the Manager started to describe his situation: a complete solution has been installed to share the documents, and they have called in a consultant company to install and set up their Transfer of Knowledge plan. This […]

Funny numbers

Last Sunday, I was talking with Gerald ( http://www.geraldkong.com/ ) about most employers’ frustration over the high turnover of employees in Singapore. This was rather an unusual conversation between entrepreneurs but I later realized it was actually a rather common problem. We even googled up on some of the latest statistics and found that 4 […]