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Training Impact on support costs in software companies

In your company, nowadays the business requires update or create software(s). Moreover, the business expects the support (internal or external) to help them. And that is a cost that most companies usually do not take into account: it is part of their IT department or to the vendor’s package. Once the changes have been implemented, […]

Workflow & Process: Assuming basic knowledge

Lately we have been working with a new client in a completely new field for us: maritime engineering. The project scope is to create a mobile interactive tool that engineers can access via an iPad wherever they are working remotely on ships, or in the shipyards. The tool is a simple workflow that provides them with […]

Same same… but different

I find that often clients are focused on ensuring a solution is specific to their particular field, with managers regularly asking: ‘What industry do you specialise in?’ I usually reply: ‘I have an IT & finance background’. I then also add ‘The industry doesn’t really matter at all though, as the methodology around transfer of […]

No more books on the shelves?

Since 2009, a new trend has emerged: textbooks. Here is a very innovative way to present user guides and it is, actually, a growing mainstream format of displaying documentations. And sure enough, last week a potential client requested I do a proposition which included this tool. I’m quite new to this, but I found it very […]

Not for, nor against… quite the contrary!

This week, Dan C., a Manager in a Development Software Company, asked me ‘What kind of methodology do you apply?’ At times, I also have the usual ‘Do you follow the (name it) methodology?’ I am always very impressed by the number of methodologies that  exist and are followed, and that are even certified. And […]