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Must have vs. nice to have

Recently I was talking with a manager from a local Singaporean company about the way Simple + Smart could help them with their Transfer of Knowledge plan. During our conversation the manager asked me a very interesting question: ‘Is a Transfer of Knowledge plan something that a company absolutely must have? Or is it really […]

Impact of new generation culture on training

I just came back from an event talk, given by Cegos  given by Jeremy Blain. What really interested me was the subject: the latest learning trends and the implications for training and development across Asia. Nothing really new there: maybe just noticing that the new generation is now starting work. You know, the kids that […]

Funny numbers

Last Sunday, I was talking with Gerald ( http://www.geraldkong.com/ ) about most employers’ frustration over the high turnover of employees in Singapore. This was rather an unusual conversation between entrepreneurs but I later realized it was actually a rather common problem. We even googled up on some of the latest statistics and found that 4 […]