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Must have vs. nice to have

Recently I was talking with a manager from a local Singaporean company about the way Simple + Smart could help them with their Transfer of Knowledge plan. During our conversation the manager asked me a very interesting question: ‘Is a Transfer of Knowledge plan something that a company absolutely must have? Or is it really […]

Workflow & Process: Assuming basic knowledge

Lately we have been working with a new client in a completely new field for us: maritime engineering. The project scope is to create a mobile interactive tool that engineers can access via an iPad wherever they are working remotely on ships, or in the shipyards. The tool is a simple workflow that provides them with […]

The delicate dance of gathering information

Last week, as you may have noticed, I was on leave, but you’ll be happy to know I am back this week to talk about the delicate art of gathering useful information. One of the frustrations of my job is that when I am working with clients to provide them with better documentation, the clients themselves […]

Anonymous Acronyms

A couple of weeks ago, I met Jacqueline at a business event. She told me she was a human resources manager, newly hired and she would have asked my services, if we would have met before. I was astonished how much difference between two companies, in the same job and the same field. She replied that […]