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Transfer of Knowledge: how to measure it?

The other day I attended a business event with AustCham. One of the people I met there asked me a simple question: ‘How do you know that once the Transfer of Knowledge plan is in place that it actually works?’ This is an interesting question, and of course depends a lot on the actual information being […]

Transfer of knowledge: a practical case

Often when telling people that Simple + Smart are the experts in Transfer of Knowledge, I get the question: ‘what does Transfer of Knowledge actually mean?’. Theoretically, Transfer of Knowledge refers to the concept of ensuring that your valuable intellectual property doesn’t walk out the door when your staff do, and that all of your […]

Same same… but different

I find that often clients are focused on ensuring a solution is specific to their particular field, with managers regularly asking: ‘What industry do you specialise in?’ I usually reply: ‘I have an IT & finance background’. I then also add ‘The industry doesn’t really matter at all though, as the methodology around transfer of […]