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How the cherry on the cake can impact your reputation as a Software Company?

While being a software company, we know how fast can spread an information through social media and turnover of employees, refer to our previous blogs on the subject. The veracity of the information doesn’t influence the speed of diffusion, or if it does, it is the bigger, the better. In our competitive environment, reputation is […]

Training Impact on support costs in software companies

In your company, nowadays the business requires update or create software(s). Moreover, the business expects the support (internal or external) to help them. And that is a cost that most companies usually do not take into account: it is part of their IT department or to the vendor’s package. Once the changes have been implemented, […]

How to simply improve your repeat business rate?

Software vendors usually provide solution to companies that are seeking the most appropriate systems for their staff and assets. One of the challenges, you as vendors, are facing is to find efficient technologies for your clients’ requirements. However, if your efforts are mainly focused on building a technical solution, without also providing simple and easy […]

Troubles with training – part 3: Know Your Subject

[Spoon boy from ‘The Matrix Reloaded’] How would you build 4 triangles with 3 matches of the same length? Try… A few weeks ago, I started to list few basic elements that make training really good: 5 things to do The question is: at what level of knowledge do you consider yourself comfortable enough to […]

Not for, nor against… quite the contrary!

This week, Dan C., a Manager in a Development Software Company, asked me ‘What kind of methodology do you apply?’ At times, I also have the usual ‘Do you follow the (name it) methodology?’ I am always very impressed by the number of methodologies that  exist and are followed, and that are even certified. And […]

Let’s be serious for a minute!

I was having a discussion with Cecile, a friend of mine. At the beginning of her expatriation, she worked for a regional company which specialises in handling urgencies. People subscribe for health and security services, as they are travellers and expatriates. So imagine you are in the middle of nowhere, injured, you call for help. Hopefully […]