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Must have vs. nice to have

Recently I was talking with a manager from a local Singaporean company about the way Simple + Smart could help them with their Transfer of Knowledge plan. During our conversation the manager asked me a very interesting question: ‘Is a Transfer of Knowledge plan something that a company absolutely must have? Or is it really […]

Transfer of Knowledge: how to measure it?

The other day I attended a business event with AustCham. One of the people I met there asked me a simple question: ‘How do you know that once the Transfer of Knowledge plan is in place that it actually works?’ This is an interesting question, and of course depends a lot on the actual information being […]

Transfer of knowledge: internet versus intranet

Last week I was in a business networking event presenting to a keen listener what Simple + Smart does. The listener asked a fairly typical question: ’Why do I need my company to have a Transfer of Knowledge plan, since everyone in my organisation just looks for any required information on the web?’ Of course, […]

Off the shelf versus customised methodology.

Often when positioning a Transfer of Knowledge project, people asked me, ‘What kind of methodology do you apply?’ At times they also ask if I follow the “Insert Name Here” methodology. I am always quite overwhelmed by the number of business process methodologies that exist, are deployed, and are even ‘certified’. And while I am all for […]