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How the cherry on the cake can impact your reputation as a Software Company?

While being a software company, we know how fast can spread an information through social media and turnover of employees, refer to our previous blogs on the subject. The veracity of the information doesn’t influence the speed of diffusion, or if it does, it is the bigger, the better. In our competitive environment, reputation is a powerful weapon, most of all when it concerns repeat business rates

On one side of the coin, reputation is a threat. In case of incident, a situation of crisis might appear.  We then have to react fast and the more transparently possible. A long term process is then necessary to erase the incident from the memory. Even years after, traces can still emerge.

On the other side, a good reputation is a strong asset. Reputation works deeply in the customer’s unconscious and motivates trust and will.

To emphasize our point of view, we have many times tried to quantify reputation and this is a difficult task. Most of the studies focuses on ethics, financial performance, social responsibility, quality of product and services, focus on customers and reliability. We cannot disclose the customers numbers nor are we a marketing research company….. a word to the wise is enough!

We, Simple + Smart, think that the most relevant factor is your customer’s feedback. Of course, they are the one to be convinced and satisfied. Their feelings about your services can be spread via personal means of communication and in their professional sphere. This may adversely affect your reputation on a large scale.

As a software company, the first step toward a good reputation is to secure the quality of your products and services during the whole life cycle, long after you have made the sale. Customised trainings, up-dated user guides, detailed information on the software are ones of the simplest solutions.

We want your customers to remember you as reliable because you have transferred enough information for the customer to be autonomous. On the long term, they will recognise your professionalism and spread the word

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